Transform Data Into Real-Time Business Insights

Actionable insights from your data. Unlock your spreadsheets and manage your business with white glove data visualization.

What is Clarinet?

Clarinet is bespoke reporting on any data type or source. You bring the data in any format. You input the business logic. Clarinet brings all of that together in one comprehensive real time dashboard—giving your teams the mechanisms to measure and manage a complex business.

Don't struggle with your own filtering, ranges, pivot tables and custom Excel reports - every week.

Simply upload your data to Clarinet and let the powerful processing and intelligence built into the platform store it, slice it, combine it and serve it back to you instantly, exactly the way you need it.


Data Processing

The Clarinet back end will process your uploaded and synced data, analyzing it through algorithms customized to your business logic and requirements. Final visualized data is more meaningful.

Data Integration

Clarinet can build your dashboard using data from dozens of apps, social sources, and import options—making it easy for you to upload or sync your data. REST, SQL, FTP and even emailed data is consumed seamlessly.

Comprehensive Visualization

Generate and explore intuitive data visualizations and analytics that reduce the amount of effort required to monitor, create forecasts and generate reports.

Custom Reporting

Share custom URLs to your dashboards or generate curated reports modules to provide your teams, stakeholders or clients with visibility to key business metrics and performance.

Personalized Alerts

Based on your custom logic and thresholds, Clarinet will send custom alerts to any email address so decision makers can be notified as key events are happening within the business.

Track Progress

Use historical data or business objectives to analyze performance against previous periods to identify opportunities for improvement, then generate forecasts that suggest meaningful action.

Empowering you to focus on what matters most

We believe that your business deserves more than access to a library of data visualization modules and UI components. That’s why Clarinet works hand-in-hand with our customers to create custom dashboards inspired by your specific business needs. This empowers our customers to spend less time building their dashboard and more time discovering actionable insights.

Everything you need, and nothing you don’t.

Unlimited Data Visualization

We are committed to creating solutions that make data visualization, monitoring and reporting easy so that you can focus on what matters most to your business: insights.

visualization can be created from your data. At least, we haven't had a request we can't fulfill.

Designed For You

Your dashboard has been customized to your vision, business objectives, team management plan, and data—no irrelevant components or modules that you will never have a use for.

Uncover New Insights

With a variety of integrations and data importing options available to leverage for your dashboard, Clarinet can help you discover new insights by comparing seemingly unrelated data sets from different sources.

Business Intelligence

Set up Clarinet with your expected business performance metrics and let Clarinet intelligently analyze data and alert you when results outside expectation occur. Use the insights to adjust budgets, ramp production, update supplier orders....or just celebrate! 🎉️

How it works


Assess your portfolio of data, business objectives and analytics needs

We work collaboratively to achieve a comprehensive understanding of your data landscape to inform the features and functionality necessary to begin exploring your custom solution.


Create and deliver a custom dashboard that addresses your unique needs

Our development team translates the observations and requirements from the initial assessment into an interactive prototype that we review and refine with you periodically until we are ready to deploy the real deal.


Import, upload and sync your data

Once you are provided access to the finished dashboard, you are ready to connect and/or import all remaining sources of data and let the monitoring, reporting and forecasting begin!

Simple Administration

A straightforward admin interface allows even new users to be successful with the tool. Uploading new data, viewing data alerts, creating new users, accounts and API tokens is a breeze with Clarinet.

Meet the companies getting insights powered by Clarinet

Set your own pricing

Clarinet is a bespoke business information system. Pricing is as individual as the solution that is created for you - that’s intentional. This is an end-to-end white glove data and business information service. And it’s going to stay that way. Custom onboarding and subscription allows you to set your own price for the solution for your business requirements.

$1,500 - $3,500/source
We don’t yet know what your data looks like. Spreadsheets? An API? Single source? Multiple sources? As it states in Step 1 above, we learn about your business and your data. From an understanding of the structures of your data and how it needs to be mashed up and calculated, we build the mechanisms it will take to consume your data. In most cases, this range for the project will get your data into Clarinet and set up the mechanisms for that data to be updated based on your business needs and the capabilities of the source.
$1,000 - $3,000/dashboard
Clarinet has an extensive library of visualization types - all sorts of dynamic graphs and charts and views that are easy to configure for your data and visualization needs and in most cases, the configuration of library tools is all that’s needed for this price range. But Clarinet is 100% bespoke when it needs to be. Any type of visualization that is required to show the right slices of the data, in the right way, to the right audience is just a custom request - and we do these all the time.
$500 - $5000/mo
• How many different dashboards does your business require?

• How many users?

• Will you need premium support?

• Can we help you by managing your data updates for you?

• How many brands will be using your data models and dashboards?

• Will you need professional data science monthly analysis? Your unique subscription to the service is based entirely on your needs - always with a white glove mindset.

Or, go with an annual or multi-year contract to save big and lock in current pricing

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The results are in!

[Clarinet] allows me to get the most up to date granular data to help me make the best decisions for my business. The ability to instantly look at data in a variety of ways is incredible. It is one of the most beneficial programs I use on a daily basis.

Chad DeSpain | Dir. of Sales, BlenderBottle

The Clarinet team has worked as a true partner with our WolfPoint team. Their professionalism, responsiveness and ability to comprehend a thought and turn it into a functioning, custom software tool has been extraordinary.

Mike Sweeney | Partner, Wolfpoint Group LLC

An exceptional tool that gives you critical insights into your business so that you can properly strategize and maximize your upside.

Leslie Conover | VP Sales, Swann Communications

When our client needed a powerful data visualizer for tracking fundraising progress and ad metrics, Clarinet offered exactly the features and display options we needed with an efficient, quick, and affordable startup.

Pat Purcell | Founder, Purcell Agency

[Clarinet] converts spreadsheet data to easy to read charts, graphs & trendlines, etc. making it much easier to understand, which has led to quicker business decisions.

Doug Thomas | Director of Sales, Sengled Lighting

Having the ability to quickly update data from our charitable programs and see the progress graphics update in real time on our website makes administration of the program so much easier.

Shalagh Cronin | Boston Global Investors